#10 3D Print: Handle Modifier for Elbow Control

Goal / Problem Statement

There may be growing focus on the day2day objects that we all touch. door handles, toilet handles, shopping baskets handles, …etc as points for contamination 

Solution Summary


There may be merit in creating simple 3D printable objectives which would reduce contact with such services, i.e can open with elbow instead of hands.

So just looking at taps, for example, something lots of different people touch., the idea is we create a database of tap head types, and we create a simple 3D printable model which is 3D printable which just fits on the top tap which would mean people can turn it on and off with their elbows instead of their hands. It can obviously extend door handles form inside, etc etc


Create teams of fab labs, 3D printing experts and enthusiasts

Design, print, and test simple tools to allow people to turn handles with their elbow instead of hands

Identify public space where these are need most and provide for free or for donations

Volunteer Partner

  • Fab labs
  • 3D printing enthusiasts

Video Summary


Project Manager


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