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eTownz COVID-19 Community Response Project

In light of the recent global and local challenges that face us with COVID-19, we have decided to launch an arm of our company to develop ideas and simple tools and supports specifically targeting communities.

We invite individuals or organisations to browse our list of project ideas and if you can help we will add you to an online work-space where the project can be quickly developed and prototyped.

eTownz has many connections with the community sector in Ireland at local and national umbrella bodies. If useful tools are created we can quickly use our connections to get them out to people online. Prior to launching any tools, we will seek professional advice to ensure the tools are useful and appropriate.

We welcome your ideas and feedback.

What you can do

1: Add Your Comments:

Read through the project ideas below, if you have a positive contribution to make, please add a comment at the end of the page.

2: New Idea: 

If you have a project idea that you would like to share (digital in nature, focused on supporting community networks and responses), visit the “Collaborate” page and fill in the form.

3: Join a Project:

If you have relevant expertise and would like to help, send us a message and we will add you to our online work-space for these projects.

We hope to trial quickly and appreciate not ever project will prove of value, but some may.

About eTownz

eTownz is a Dublin based digital RnD company specialising in developing tools for the community / civil sector. eTownz Smart Digital Communities Research Profile click here


Don’t fear failure, fear inaction.

An important message from Mayo Native, Dr Mike Ryan – World Health Organisation on the need to react quickly and the importance of being prepared.

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