We have divided our efforts under three main goals as summarised below.


We are working on a variety of simple, community focused solutions to each goal.


If you have positive contributions you would like to make please feel free to Contact Us.


Goal 1: Team Building, Management & Metrics

Develop a multiple stakeholders local action team to plan & manage related projects.

  • Bring together & organise local stakeholders to drive action
  • Plan and coordinate projects and volunteers
  • Collect key information, feedback and monitor progress


Goal 2: Awareness, Understanding & Skills

Grow relevant local awareness & skills

  • Create awareness among local stakeholders

  • Educate local stakeholders to encourage better practise

  • Organise relevant training

Goal 3: Preserve, Support & Develop

Protect the existing & develop new local assets, stakeholders & services.

  • Protect, conserve & develop existing local assets and stakeholders

  • Support the creation of relevant new assets, stakeholders & services

  • Develop new ways of extending and improving local capacity