#2 Network Hub

Goal / Problem Statement

We need to improve the efficiency of how sectors within the society share ideas, collaborate and set standards. 

Solution Summary

Create forums where sectoral experts can collaborate and build expertise:

National Networks: A network with grouping related to each theme where sectoral experts can co create best practise guidelines Click here to login page

Regional Networks: Managers of regional organisation grouped by theme to discuss how to implement the projects, what works and what doesn’t Click here to login page

Town Networks: A network is created for each town grouped by the themes which have local themes. We are piloting in Clarecastle at present and hope to roll out in other towns in the coming weeks Click here to login page


We have created a grouped forum and work-space to the knowledge library for contributors.

Existing Members  Click here  to login

New Members: Please contact us if you wish to contribute to the knowledge library and we will add you to the system and send an invite email

We have deployed “Zoho Connect” as our preferred forum and work-space solution.

Volunteer Partner

  • Councils, Local Development Companies
  • Social Groups & Clubs
  • Community Facilitation Specialists

Video Summary


Project Manager


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