#8 Transmission Risk Scorecard

Goal / Problem Statement

Everyone in society needs to have great and great levels of vigilance around their daily habits and interactions.

Its well known that when we can measure things we are better able to understand and adjust out habits.

Solution Summary

Build a simple online scorecard style survey. Users are invited to answer a series of questions and auto-create a scorecard of their a) risk of contracting b) risk of spreading


  • How many people were you exposed to in a meaningful way in the past 3 days (15 mins close contact < 2m away)
  • How many times did you wash your hands in past 24hrs
  • etc etc


eTownz have built a number of these systems in the past and can mock a system up very quickly.

The project requires an expert in contagion control to help define the questions and the scoring system.

The system can be continually modified as we get better information and statistical information back.

If everyone in a house took the survey the house could have a scorecard, or if everyone in the community took the survey, a community scorecard.

Please contact us if you can contribute to this project.

Volunteer Partner

  • Contagion Control Experts
  • Survey specialists people used to develop similar systems
  • UI Support for outputs scorecards
  • Project managers

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