#5 Support Local Communications

Goal / Problem Statement

Social media managers in communities across the country play an important roll in disseminating key information on the virus.

How we get the message out to the population is very important, when the information is localised and made interactive it can have a far greater impact.

Solution Summary

Create a group of designers, videographers, animators and creatives to come together and create content that will help get the key messages across.


As part of this project, we will;

  1. Create a wall posting plan for such profiles
  2. Help gather and design reliable information that can be disseminated in our communities (links, images, videos, graphics, etc)
  3. Build a network for such managers so that communications can be coordinated in a clear and efficient manner
  4. Help answer questions these members may have.
  5. Create and organise a team who can champion this project,
  6. Create and disseminate libraries of useful material so that local community groups can relay fresh relevant content on a regular basis
  7. Identify where there are opportunities to create new content which will help to get the key messages across.

Volunteer Partner

  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Animators
  • Creatives of all sort
  • Social media experts

Get Involved

Join our Covid-19 Response Project Facebook group below and share your ideas with us.

eTownz COVID Response Project: Local Communication:
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This group is set up for people who manage key community social media pages in towns across Ireland. We hope to understand and support this group who...

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